How do I transfer PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Krafton’s new battle royale game ‘Battlegrounds India Mobile’ which is deemed to be the rebranded version of the PUBG Mobile has been launched in India for Beta testers and interested players can meanwhile pre-register themselves for the game on the Google Play Store. With all these developments in sight, many Indian players are concerned about PUBG Mobile data transfer availability in the Battlegrounds Mobile India that will ensure that their game progress till now isn’t lost.

Now the company has made it clear that data migration and transfer would be feasible but only for a limited period of time. The time limit that has been set is till December 31 of the current year. The company has also warned the players that if no action for data transfer is taken on their end before this date then their game progress will be lost forever and can’t be recovered.

To Transfer your PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India, you need to follow given steps:

  1. Firstly, players will have to install the game from the Google Play Store and create a new account. Players may also login through Facebook, Twitter, Google Play Games. Then they have to finish all the procedures till they reach the lobby area.
  2. Navigate to the settings and choose ‘Account Data Transfer.’
  3. Following this, users will have to agree to the terms of service.
  4. Next, they will have to choose the option they had used to login into the game.
  5. Finally they have to agree to the data transfer option.

It is to be noted that only the game progress can be migrated by the data transfer option and not the attachments and the in-game mails that the players had received. The game has been anticipated by the Indian gaming enthusiasts with the company recently revealing that over 20 million pre-registrations have already been done.

Kanchan Choudhary
Tech Aedgar
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