Hey Alexa, control my iPhone/iPad Apps

Isn’t it way too easy to just give commands rather than opening or typing yourself? So, Amazon is about to add another perk to your convenient life. All the iPhone users out there get ready to smile wider as Alexa is on its way to control your iPhone and iPad apps with just a command by you. Although Alexa has been turning up on various devices like televisions, the dash of new cars, and appliances, it’s just awesome to see Alexa coming to phones. I know you’re super delighted to hear this, aren’t you?

All you will need is to have The Alexa App on your iPhone or iPad and you’re set to cry out your wishes. The iPhone users can make a request to The Alexa App and this app will be able to control some of the installed apps in your iPhone device. The users can simply command Alexa just like they give commands to Siri, easy-breezy? Or you can also say Alexa is just an alternative to the inbuilt voice assistant into your phone, Siri. This small tweak to the Alexa companion app is surely going to be a lot more beneficial for users. Although, users cannot call Alexa from anywhere else on the device but from the App itself.

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No, you’ll no longer need to tap on that Blue Button to give a command; Amazon has made it more expedient for you. Now you must be wondering what all you can do with this New Alexa App, for that, read the example that I’m about to write. Let’s say a hashtag “Fashionblogger” pops up in your mind out of nowhere but you are too lazy to search for it as usual. Now all you have to do is to command Alexa to open your Twitter and search for the hashtag “Fashionblogger”, Alexa will be ready to show the hashtag list within a blink.

Similarly, you can ask TikTok to play a sound for you while you get ready to make amazing videos. You can follow the same procedure for other apps like Uber, sonic, Volley, Zynga, etc. Unfortunately for lazy folks like me, it’s sad to hear that Alexa cannot be used without unlocking my iPhone or launching it first, HAHA! And yes, there’s a pro tip: you can trick Siri to launch or open The Alexa App while you keep your head rested, amazing right?

Amazon has already announced a developer preview API for The Alexa App on Wednesday. Amazon also explains that Alexa will only work in apps that can be open with deep links. Developers can simply link the portions of their app functionality to Alexa skills. Also, it was really a smart move by Amazon to link its voice assistant with the company’s shopping application for iOS devices. Anyway, who doesn’t want to just relax and give orders? So get ready to summon Alexa with your command and have your access over your other apps.

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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