Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s iCloud+ service

The American multinational technology company, Apple has spent a lot of time promoting itself as a champion of customer privacy. Tim Cook, the firm’s CEO, has frequently claimed that privacy is a “fundamental human right.” The company made another significant step toward consumer privacy by unveiling iCloud+, a new set of services.

Apple has introduced iCloud+ as a new tier to its iCloud cloud storage service called, which expands the capabilities of the service. iCloud+, sometimes known as iCloud+, is designed to improve iCloud’s privacy, and as part of that effort, the Cupertino company has included three new capabilities to iOS 15.


One of Apple’s most basic offerings has always been iCloud. You receive 5GB of free storage to back up anything from photos to texts and app data, and if you need more, you can pay a monthly fee. However, transition to iCloud+, won’t lead to altering of the pricing or storage choices. Prices will remain the same, ranging from $0.99 per month for 50GB of storage to $9.99 per month for 2TB. What is changing, though, is the number of features you will receive, which will increase by three.

Private Relay, Hide My Email, and expanded HomeKit Secure Video integration are among the features.

Privacy Relay

Private Relay is a new feature in the Safari browser that helps preserve your privacy when exploring the web. All of your device’s online traffic is encrypted and routed through two internet relays.  Apple claims that Private Relay employs a dual-hop design for browsing.

Hide my Email

Users may generate random email addresses to hide their primary email address by using the Hide My Email functionality. This function is available in Safari, iCloud settings, and the native Mail app, among other places. If you’re not part of Apple’s ecosystem, you may create email aliases using a service like Firefox Relay or SimpleLogin.

HomeKit Secure Video Expansion

HomeKit Secure Video support is another iCloud Plus benefit. Users may now connect extra cameras to the Home app to monitor home security video footage. The video clip will not, however, use up any of your iCloud storage space. To be more specific, the 50GB plan allows you to connect a single HomeKit Secure Video camera, the 200GB plan allows you to connect up to five HomeKit Secure Video cameras, and the 2TB plan allows you to connect an infinite number of cameras.

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