GTA 6 is expected to have a smaller map than Los Santos in GTA 5

Rockstar Games is still to release the next part of GTA 5, but there is much debate about what Rockstar will bring in GTA. There are many rumors regarding the Grand Theft Auto 6 coming back to Vice City after nearly two decades, although in a modern and updated edition of the same. Some recent reports hint at the size and massiveness of the GTA 6 map.

The appearance of a new map is flooded and continuously shared on the internet, which states that this map would represent GTA 6’s Vice City. A beta version of the map has been spread with less information, but the new one arrives with its scale and more information. Compared to Los Santos, the map is a bit smaller in size, with almost the same features and two islands.

The map displays large areas with green parts with a river which separates the map into two landmasses. It seems to be a large delta type structure in the centre that can induce several boat chases and interesting missions. It also seems to be an island district with a beach along with an urban population. The map features prominent places such as airports, military bases, and presence aircraft within the game. It is up to Rockstar games whether to bring back aircraft and the plans from GTA 5 or not, but the original GTA Vice City game didn’t have aircraft that players can have fun with.

Comparing the map of GTA 6 to that of GTA 5, Los Santos, it appears to be a little smaller. But, Rockstar Games is well known for its determination to show magic with its maps, and we predict that the new Vice City might have chances to allow players to enjoy the same fantasy as in GTA 5’s Los Santos.

The older GTA 6 leak also claimed the story’s main character, which would be a female character. GTA 5 had options to switch between three characters of your choice, letting players choose between them randomly. The emergence of a female lead role in this game could give a new dimension to Rockstar.


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