Greenroom – A Clubhouse competitor audio chat app launched by Spotify

The live audio room format has taken off ever since Clubhouse, a social audio app, was introduced. Also recently, Spotify launched its live audio social network, Greenroom. The Locker Room based Greenroom is the new social audio app launched by Spotify to compete with Clubhouse. Initially, in March 2021, Spotify acquired the sports and games concentrated audio app, Locker Room. The Locker Room was created by Betty Labs and was launched in October 2020. 

Although Spotify’s Greenroom is based on the codes of Locker Room, the app theme and identity of the app is made completely different from the Locker Room. The locker room had a white and reddish theme app structure while the Greenroom had Spotify’s original black and green theme. Also, the font and iconography are similar to that of Spotify’s.

Greenroom Spotify

Apart from the colour theme, the other thing that makes Greenroom different from Locker Room is that users will be able to find their events and activities according to their interest and will be able to discuss many other things rather than just sports and games. Users will also be able to turn their audio live season into a podcast if they want. 

Those who are already using Spotify can use their Spotify account details to sign-up or log in to Greenroom. After the sign-in phase, users will be asked about their music and audio interests and will be shown content according to that.

A creator fund has also been introduced by Spotify, which will help the app and creators to produce more and more content. Greenroom will pay creators based on how much engaging content they produce and how famous they are. 

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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