Google’s upcoming Android 12 design changes, features & other details leaked before Google I/O

The official Google I/O 2021, is about to happen. The yearly Android Developer event will go virtual on 18 May 2021 & Google is likely to release its new Android OS – Android 12. And, just two days before the official release of Android 12, design and key features have leaked online.

Tipster Jon Prosser, owner of “Front Page Tech” channel on YouTube, has uploaded number of images that unveiled the Android 12 announcement, Google is likely to make at the yearly Android Developer Event. Few leaked slides of upcoming Google’s OS Android 12 unveiled a colossal visual revamp to its overall update.

From the leaked details, we can say that Google has focused on providing stronger privacy & secure protections for android users. As speculated upcoming Android 12 will bring an all-new experience with improved privacy protections & will tether with other devices more smoothly.

Even so, the images of Android 12 new interface & animation have surfaced on the internet, the thorough information about its new stronger privacy & security functions are still under the sheets.

Plus, there is an uncertainty about how Android 12 will work in coherence with other devices.

Let us take a clearer look at what Android 12 will bring to the table!

So far, we have noticed that upcoming Android 12 will throw new widgets & buttons with a number of new animations as well. Google has notably planned on upgrading android users experience by making minute changes to Android design year-after-year. It includes revamping existing UI elements, adding new widgets, new design, animation & Google is all set to do it again with its upcoming Android 12.

Android 12 design

Other features of Android 12 comprise an all-new music widget in the notifications bar, with redesigned Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles. There’s also a new volume slider, redesigned notifications, a new clock widget, and even a new weather widget.

In the leaked images & slides we noticed that there will be a Quick Settings menu, and the ability to adjust the size of the calculator pad inside the calculator app. The video shared by Prosser revealing leaked images conveyed about the stacked notification panel and the ability to manually group notifications.

Android 12 design

According to leaked reports Android 12 will come with a new conversation highlights widget. Other changes include an updated keyboard, a revamped home screen with a quite huge clock in the centre. Android 12 will allow you to see the number of unread notifications in the top-left corner next to the clock when the device is unlocked.

Previously, it was reported that Google will introduce the clipboard prompt access feature, which has already been introduced by Apple in iOS 14 (and has been found useful by users).

As of now, we have come to know of only the above mentioned features of Google’s new Android – Android 12, but we are looking forward to Google’s official announcement to know more about it.

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