Google will inform you if its results aren’t reliable

Google launched a feature in April 2020 which tells the searcher when the search results don’t provide any accurate information or good results. The goal of the company was to provide the searcher with the best result possible. Sometimes Google might not have accurate information to that particular search query and to improve that, they also created a “About” panel which gives relevant information related to the topic searched. Recently, the company had also started fact checking the results to provide reliable information. 

Google has now revealed that it will notify you if the results of the search are not reliable. It says it will issue a warning to the searcher if it cannot guarantee the credibility of the information. The company says this will particularly apply to emerging topics or breaking news when the information and facts are constantly evolving. This might result in Google not providing the best results and to improve that, they’ve introduced this feature where it notifies you if the results are not reliable.

While Google Search will always be there with the most useful results we can provide, sometimes the reliable information you’re searching for just isn’t online yet. This can be particularly true for breaking news or emerging topics, when the information that’s published first may not be the most reliable. To help with this, we’ve trained our systems to detect when a topic is rapidly evolving and a range of sources hasn’t yet weighed in. We’ll now show a notice indicating that it may be best to check back later when more information from a wider range of sources might be available,”said Danny Sullivan, public liaison for search, Google.

Google Search

Google will display a notice on the searcher’s screen saying, “It looks like these results are changing quickly.” The number of irrelevant results appearing on the screen have reduced by 40% in the last five years, Google has revealed. The company is planning to roll out this feature first in the United States followed by other countries in the near future. 

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