Google to add more features to the YouTube application on the Android TV

After the launch of Android TVs in the last few years, there were rumours regarding the addition of new features in the YouTube app on Android TVs. Now, according to some reports in recent days, Google is trying some of the new features for YouTube on Android TVs. The YouTube application on the Android TV is expected to have a new feature that will also show video description as seen in mobile applications. The new features might also contain certain shortcuts to the subscribed channels. 

Rather than these, there might not be many changes in this application. It would remain as the previous YouTube app and some changes would be made to it along with the addition of new features. The big point to be considered is that this would be the first time in which YouTube on Android TV will provide us with these details.

Till now, the video’s description box has not yet arrived on the TV version. A button would appear which would show the description box in the YouTube App. It is going to be fascinating to look at how YouTube would control and adjust the links within the description. According to the rumours, the links given in the description won’t open through the app rather they would open through the browser. Except for the new description box, the YouTube application for Android TV is also expected to have new chips. A suggestion section would also appear down below which would show the recommended videos. There will also be another feature that would enable us to see the search results. There will also be features added such as Recently uploaded, recommended, trending, live streams, subscriptions etc.

This YouTube application would be amazing and it would make access to the YouTube website more easily. Till now, this is all that we have with us. We would inform you as soon as we get more details regarding this.

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