Google sends a warning about shutting down its Website Builder

Now is the time when you start moving your websites to new Google Sites.  Thinking about the reason? Well, as stated in one of the emails sent out by Google, users have got the warning about the shutting down of the Classic Sites website builder. This means, there is no chance users can remain online if they don’t transfer their websites to new Google Sites.  It’s been perfectly smooth to create your own sites since 2008 (the year when Google introduced Google sites). Right after 8 years, Google introduced another service “New Google Sites” that later became the part of G Suite.

Let’s get deep into the details of the email sent by Google for Website Builder. This email had a subject line saying, “Migrate your classic sites to new Google Sites”. Well, this subject line was enough to understand the exact purpose of this email. The email was specifically sent out to Classic Sites users mentioning the last date of services, i.e. September 1, 2021. To be very specific, all the Classic Site users have approx. 1 year to migrate their sites. The email also mentioned the last date of creating new websites with classic sites, i.e. November 1, 2020.  

The Launch of Classic Sites Manager

No, Google did not just give warning without offering you a helping hand. Google has introduced Classic Sites Manager which lets you convert your classic sites to new sites without hassle. Using this service, users can not just convert the sites, in fact, they can archive as well as delete the classic sites belonging to their accounts. This is not it, users can also export their spreadsheets to Google Sheets.

Google Website Classic Builder

Another important thing to note is, Google has given a different timeline to G-Suite admins. These users can create new Classic Sites till May 2021 and they will not be allowed to edit their sites in October. Google will automatically save your classic sites to your Google Drive if you fail to transit your Classic sites before the deadline.

Here is how you can convert your Site in classic Sites Manager

  1. First open your computer and go to classic Sites.
  2. Now open the left panel and click Classic Sites Manager
  3. Look at your right panel and click conversion tool.
  4. Now you will see a box right next to “Share with the same people”, check the box if you want to keep the site permissions the same.
  5. Click on Start. Also note it may take some time to convert large Sites.
  6. Now click on Continue.
  7. If you want to review your site, click Review draft.
  8. This is an optional step. If you want to publish your new Site to another address, click on Advanced and then click on disconnect.
  9. In order to publish your site, click publish at the top right.
  10. Now enter the web address for your new Site
  11. At last, click publish.

So, to enjoy the services without disruption, start the transition now!

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