Google reveals new password protection features for Chrome at I/O 2021

Google has finally revealed the new features for password protection and safety in Chrome which were much talked about in the media earlier this year. At the Google I/O 2021 event which commenced yesterday, Google introduced these features mentioning that they will help in making the passwords safer and secure for the users hence making its services more easy and reliable to be accessed in the near future.

At the event Google has announced that it is going to implement a new tool which will allow them to access and import passwords of a particular user from other password managers. Google has also made a very important announcement about its plan to make its services password free in the future as the company believes that passwords are a threat to security as they can be stolen and accessed illegally through various ways like phishing etc. The company further elaborated, “One of the biggest security risks is still the continued reliance on passwords – they’re often easy to crack; used across multiple sites or stolen in phishing attacks.”

Another feature revealed by Google is the one which will allow users to enter their passwords effortlessly in various sites across desktops and mobiles; credit to the new orientation that Google is working on with Chrome and Android. Google is also introducing the one tap feature to fix the compromised passwords of the users which have been breached by a third party. A new popup “change password” will be shown to the user once the manager detects any breach in password security. In addition to this, Google will also send an alert message as seen in Apple Safari whenever it detects any compromise or breach in saved passwords by any third party.

With the introduction of these Chrome Password Protection features in addition to those that were introduced in January this year and had helped in 37% reduction in compromised credentials stored in Chrome, Google is hoping that its services will become even more secure and reliable to be accessed in the upcoming future.

Kanchan Choudhary
Tech Aedgar
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