Google Play Music shuts down and claiming to use YouTube Music from now on

Google play music is currently the talk of the town. Many users will use the famous music streaming platform, but presently many have reported that the platform is no more available to access. The developed platform has stopped working in many devices and will now not be available entirely soon. The news spread like rapid-fire, and the forum notes that every user is asked to use YouTube Music from now on by transferring their music.

The site is not supported any more in many devices:

As the platform has shut down, users have reported that it is not available on the Web and it will get automatically deleted once the shut down is completed. For now, the app can remain in your device but describes how to transfer your music to YouTube Music soon. Talking about YouTube Music, it will get upgraded and will come up with new features for free users. Some users have already exclaimed about shutting down the application while for some, it is still working.
If you’re both the accounts of Google Play Music and YouTube Music have linked then automatically the page for transferring your music will be loaded. You can also opt for deleting your music if you wish to do so. You can send the music, delete it or delete the entire history if you want to do so.

Reason for shutting down:

Google claims that the team is planning to focus on only one application that is YouTube Music. So the shut down of Google Play Music is announced and will execute within some days. On the other hand, YouTube Music is planning to bring more updated features for making it more efficient to use. All the free users will be able to access the library of songs and can efficiently work with Google Assistant. YouTube Music Premium users used to access these features, but now everyone can do for sure. The playback screen will have queued songs and indeed more features to come.

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