Google Pixel 4A full details before the launch event: Specifications, Price

Google is said to be the only company that can give equal competition to Apple. This is because, like Apple, Google controls both its hardware and software requirements. Google Pixel 4A is said to be the most-leaked phone ever. There are many people who have posted the pictures of the design and all of them are worlds apart. Although now, the confusion has faded and we know the exact design of the 4A.

Google’s Hint 

Google has recently given the public this teaser. If we translate this, we can find that it specifies some hints as shown below. 

Google Pixel 4A

This hint is most probably for the Pixel 4A and now we have got a definite launching date of 3rd of August. 


The Google Pixel 4A will come with a plastic body like its predecessor. It would have a screen size of 5.81-inches and a resolution of 2340×1080. The phone would feature a beautiful OLED FHD+ panel just like the last model. As seen in the leaked, the display is going to have a hole punch camera for the front-facing camera. It is also assumed that there would be no Face-Unlock for this model. 


Coming to cameras, Google has nothing good to offer here. Although the design of the camera set-up would be a classy square. The upsetting fact is that it would only have 1 camera lens of 12.2-megapixels. It would have both the EIS and OIS with usual autofocus. The front punch-hole camera would be of 8-megapixels with an 84-degree field of view.


The Pixel 4A will have an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 SoC clocking a speed of maximum, 2.2GHz. This would be coupled with the Adreno 618 GPU. Like the last model, Google will include its own Titan M security chip but the Pixel Neural Core will not be there.

The Soli Radar chip will not be included this time round. This is probably because Soli Radar Chip are not allowed to be used in India. So probably this time, the phone would be available to the Indian Market.


The Google Pixel 4A will have a low-end 3080 mAh battery. It will have its usual 18W fast charging via USB-C. But this time Google for some reason would be skipping out on Qi wireless charging.


The specifications clearly are not attractive. Obviously since it is the Google Pixel, the price of this phone would be nothing below Rs 25,000. At this price, honestly, this phone would not work. In a price lot less than this, many China-based smartphone companies give users a better deal with better specifications. This is an example, that unless companies like Google and Apple reduce their prices and give us the same features, we Indians can never get over it. The specifications of the Google Pixel 4A is just displeasing.

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