Google Photos is working on in-depth searching for images, which lets you search by type of content inside.

As per reports by Android Police, Google has been testing new filters to add in its Google Photos App! This new Google Photos feature will allow users to search images based on inside contents.

This clearly means that if you want to search for a specific image, Photos will show you a number of filters including: favourites, videos, selfies, collages, animations, movies, creations, screenshots, archived, and motion photos. Using Photos, you can also add the name of one or more than people to find that photo from a vacation you took. Google Photos began testing the new advanced search filter last month, to assist users in finding certain images easily instead of going through the parade of images.

And, for the testing reasons, Photos new search filter has been made available for some users, which ensures that it could soon be available for everyone. Thus, the new search filter appears to not be specific to a particular version of Google Photos, suggesting that it may be being tested on the server-side with some accounts.

Google Photos search

While the new search filters in Google Photos make things a little easier, but there might be some loopholes, as Android Police notes:

“It’s worth noting that search filters don’t really add anything that wasn’t possible before. For instance, typing ‘videos of me and Atreya in Himachal’ in the search box already brings up the corresponding results. However, these new filters provide an intuitive visual interface that better markets Photos’ powerful search capabilities.”

Jane Manchun Wong first noticed Google Photos’ new powerful search feature, ahead of its official release.

Recently, Google Photos has been working on new filters and having introduced a number of new features. Photos just launched an advanced video editor and improved Google Lens integration.

Despite some of its paid features, Google Photos has evolved into a great service for storing photos. It seems the server-side testing of the new search filters is still in the early stages, according to Android Police. In the coming months, however, Google Photos users will be able to find a specific photo even more easily.

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