Google One is ready to Backup your iOS and Android devices for FREE

Last year Google launched automatic phone backup that helps to backup and shares your storage with your loved ones and whosoever you want. This news made android users exulting day and night (what say, android users?). Now, Google is ready with amazing news yet again, but this time it’s for both iOS and Android users. There’s the newest update in Google One, Google’s subscription program for buying live support and additional storage. Eager to know what the update is? Now you can backup your iOS and Android devices through Google One that too for free. All you have to do is to install this app (no, they are not even asking for paid membership).

It allows a total of 15 GB storage that comes with your Google account, where you can back up your photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events. Even if you lose or break your phone, you DO NOT need to worry as your data is completely safe with Google Cloud. Now you must be thinking what will happen if you need more than 15 GB? Well, for that you have to take Google One membership right from the app where you can enjoy more storage and you can clean up unnecessary data. Paid membership costs you $1.99/ Rs 150 per month for 100GB. Also, you will be able to share this plan with up to 5 loved ones and get premium support.

Guarding your information is not enough, Google is giving you another feature

Google believes there is much more than just storing and keeping safe your data. We all know how managing and organizing the files give us a headache, right? This is why a brand new storage manager tool is introduced with this update, isn’t it the feather in one’s cap? Of course, it is! This new tool in Google One is available both for the app and the web. It gives you a clear view of how exactly you are using and managing your storage. You’re free to backup and clean up files as per your desire (Google One won’t interfere, trust me!).

This feature is seriously your savior as it lets you manage files that you save from Gmail, Drive, and photos in ONE place. WOW! You can easily keep what you want and kick off what you don’t. Basically this tool works across Google properties and it helps you to find emails with large attachment/files in your Google drive storage.

Hands down to this strategy of Google! With this feature, Google knew how easily it could fetch a bunch of people onto Google One. 15GB free storage is definitely not a hard catch and people are going to enjoy this free storage (and yes, this feature doesn’t support G suite accounts). Moreover, people who are accustomed to multiple Google platforms, won’t mind paying $1.99/ Rs 150 for 100 GB (Check). Google also claims that another new feature for Android users is rolling out super soon. Don’t worry iOS users, yours will also launch just after that.  

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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