Google might launch its upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel Watch with own Google Silicon(GS101) processor

The Google Pixel 6 is leaked, and it’s unlike anything anyone could have even dreamed of expecting. That’s because Google is making one huge change that will not dramatically change the Pixel 6 and the entire smartphone industry altogether. 

The first reason that Pixel 6 would be so unique that’s because it won’t be using the QUALCOMM processor like all the previous Pixels have before but instead a custom Google chip. Google will be making their silicon, starting with Pixel 6. We first heard about this in April 2020 in a report from 95Google, which claimed that Google was working with Samsung on developing their custom silicon, which would be preferably used in their upcoming Pixel phones.

95Google then stated that the code name for these chips is the white chapel which would eventually appear in Google’s chrome books. A more recent report from 95Google, claims that the Pixel 6 will indeed use Google’s first in-house chip codenamed GS101. It is set to feature 2 Cortex-A78 cores, 2 Cortex-A76 cores, and 4 Cortex-A55 cores, essentially an Octa-core processor. This is a higher-end processor than a more mid-range variant that would follow up from Pixel 5’s Snapdragon 765 chip. 

When it comes to graphics, 95Google reports that the GS101 will be based on ARM Valhall architecture, which is the same architecture that the Mali G78 GPU uses, which is found inside Samsung’s Exynos 2100 chip. It seems like Google’s GS101 won’t be that much different from Samsung’s Exynos 2100 chip. However, Google making their processor is massive news, and that’s because Google Android and if they are to make their processors too, they would have the same level of hardware plus software integration as Apple does.

This is impressive except for one problem, i.e. Google licenses its android to a third party manufacturer. Google would, of course, want to optimize android for their silicon and give their devices exclusive features that they have done in the past. So, at what point do the third party manufacturers start building their OS to escape from Google’s restraints. On the whole, Google making their processors is excellent as it would only give the consumers way better performance and even better optimizations similar to Apple

Aside from the significant CPU upgrade, we are also getting two more advancements in design and Camera. 95Google found references in the latest updates of Google’s Camera towards the Pixel 6. They found out that the camera cutout will be smaller than Pixel 5, which wasn’t more extensive than other android smartphones. The Camera position would be changed from the left to the middle, which is always a better placement as it is symmetrical and looks way better. Aside from this, we don’t expect any more significant design changes.

We would also be likely to see a more prominent display from the current 6-inch panel on Pixel 5. Speaking of a larger Pixel 6, Mishaal Rehman from XDA Developers found mentions in android 12 developer preview one of a one-handed mode for Pixel devices which is a bit weird as the Pixel 5 is already pretty small and doesn’t need it. This leak implies that Google will be bringing back the XL variant with the Pixel 6. Some leaks also say that Google will allow you to use both the in-display fingerprint and facial recognition together. Developer Kdragon found a mention in the code for an in-display fingerprint reader for an upcoming Pixel phone.

Finally, the last notable upgrade that Pixel 6 is getting is in terms of Camera. Google improved their camera processing more and more through the software to the point where the pictures ended up looking very impressive in its earlier version of Pixels which shows Google is the king of software. Now, I plan on updating the four-year-old sensor with something new. I feel that we are certainly going to get a significant improvement in overall camera quality. Google is expected to use a Samsung sensor, but anyway, we see them using something pretty similar to IMX 155 sensor. Some leaks also reveal the front Camera would finally support 4K video. If Google does end up releasing the Pixel 6, I expect them to add a telephoto module and the primary and ultra-wide Camera. 

So, these are the main changes expected to see in the new Pixel 6, with the biggest one being, of course, Google’s transition to their silicon. To make this even more believable, JonProsser said in a recent Pixel Watch leak that it might even come with a custom chip made by Google, and that is one of the taglines for the Pixel Watch would be bringing unity to software and hardware. If Google decides to enter the smartphone with multiple models correctly, it might just kill off a lot of competition.

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