Google might add device tracking network on Android like Apple’s Find My

To compete with Apple’s software features such as Find My iPhone and locate my device, Google might be working on a similar feature which will help android users locate their device easily. This feature will allow the users to accurately locate their device if they lose or forget it in some place. The feature is reportedly named “Spot” and has been seen in the latest beta version 21.24.13 of Google Play.

Currently in the locate my phone feature, the device can only be tracked if either the WiFi, cellular data and the location service is enabled. But with the new feature spot, Google aims to eliminate the need to keep these connectivity options on and still locate the device without the services of these features. It will basically be able to locate the precise location of your phone without internet and location services on.

The capability of the Find my phone feature, which is already available on the Play Store, is limited based on the profile and user. What that basically means is, you cannot locate another android device from your account. This new feature which Google is planning to release, will eliminate that and change it. It will reportedly let you locate another device from your account as well.

This feature is not live yet and it is important to note that the company might not move forward with this idea if it does not do well within the criteria of the company. Having said that, if this feature is added and made live for android users, it could be a big plus point in Google’s Eco-System and Android OS plans as this would help the entire network of smartphones, Smart TV’s and Tablets.

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