Google Meet for Android received a new background change feature

Last year Google rolled out a new feature to its “Google Meet” web application, which enabled users to change their live background to a virtual one or simply just blur it during a live meeting. Sadly, this feature was only limited to Google Meet Web Version.

But today, Google announced that this feature will soon be available on Android Application Version as well. One thing worth noting here is that this feature has been rolled out on a gradual basis, and will be available at global scale soon.

Well, this clearly means that Google Meet users will now be able to change their live background to a virtual, during a virtual meeting. The default virtual background templates include office spaces, landscapes and abstract wallpapers. If you don’t want to use any template, then you can simply blur your live background.

The idea to introduce this feature was to cut down to minimal distraction during a video call. The only demerit of this feature is increased battery usage, so you may need to put your device on charge when you are using this feature.

Where can I see background change options in Google Meet for Android?

  1. Before you join the virtual meeting session “Open the Google Meet app, and choose a meeting you will be attending.”
  2. Next, tap on the background change icon (present at the bottom of the self-view).
  3. You can either choose to blur your background or from the handpicked images present there.

And, if you are in the middle of a virtual meeting, and forgot to change your background beforehand, then you just need to “tap on self-view” and follow the steps as before.

Like always, Google is aiming at building on UI that makes settings & various features to be more accessible for users around the globe. Moving on, Google has introduced a number of other features, including a new bottom bar interface. This new interface enables users to easily access all needful options (which was not there before).

These options include, meeting code, microphone, video, captions, hand raise, screen sharing and other toggles. This is just one of the many features Google has introduced in Google Meet.

The Picture in Picture mode in Google Meet, allows users to re-size the self-view window. Moreover, you can also see everything your camera sees, in self-view. This feature works by presenting grey-bars at the top & bottom edge or your self-view panel, which will then show you what your camera is seeing.

Plus, now you can see other participants and what you present on the screen, both at the same time.

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