Google Meet adds new filters, masks and effects for both Android and iOS users

Google Meet has grown as a top video calling application during the lockdown due to Covid-19. Not only job employees for their office works are considering Google Meet as the first choice for virtual meetings but also people for their personal calls are utilising the application a lot. This gaining usage of the virtual calling application has made Google to add some more cool features like new video filters, effects, and augmented reality masks to the application.

The search engine giant, on the 7th of July, via Twitter announced that the new features will be available for both Android and iOS. Google in its tweet stated, “Add cats, astronauts, jellyfish and more to your Meet calls. New filters, masks and effects are now available for Meet on Android and iOS.” 

Users will be able to find the filters and effects through the “Sparkle Icon” at the bottom right corner of the video calling interface. The sparkle icon offers a bunch of different colours effects and filters along with animated AR face effects.

However, people who utilise Google Meet for their workspace will have to deal with limited background effect options as most of the newly added effects and filters are just for personal Gmail account users. It is so that workspace calls remain professional.

In addition to these virtual effect options, Google also added some more calling features. Now, users will be able to add captions to their live streams on Google Meet. Also, there are some more options. One such allows the user to shift to the main grid just by raising their hand. 

Google made Meet utilisation free for personal Gmail accounts in 2020. Considering this, the new effect features for personal account users can be a move by the company to switch from business and professional Meet users to general users.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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