Google maps will have new features regarding COVID-19 cases in particular area

Google Maps comes up with a new plan for COVID-19 features for helping all the users out there. With more upgraded features, Google Maps will provide more information about the COVID-19 and its resources. Date, like all the cases, found nearby you or the number of people dying due to the deadly virus. It will also provide information on the live crowdedness if you plan to go on public transport.

Google took it to its blog that it will come up with two features that will offer users data that is going to help face the pandemic more accurately. Talking about these features one of them will help to detect the cases in a particular region you want. It mainly includes the list of cases of people infected from the virus and links to nearby authorities in your place. Also people will get the data of  the seven-day trend and the found of death cases observed in a particular area. As per Google it will help people going to some new place and wish to know the condition about the place with a quick access to all the guidelines over there. 

Google Maps Covid-19 cases
Image Credit: Google

The other feature by Google will let you know about the current crowdedness in a public transport they wish to travel. People before opting for any public transport can give a look at it and make a wise choice accordingly. The feature will help to avoid all the crowded bus, train, and even the subway line and people from all around the globe can access it efficiently. All these features are available in Android as well as iOS. Also now people keep a track of food arrival and status of takeout easily. Users will find out the delivery charge and waiting time along with options like reorder will be out for users. Google will have an Assistant driving model especially for the Maps for the Android users in the US to allow you use your voice to send and receive the calls or texts.

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