Google is back with a new initiative called “Anywhere School” to ease Virtual Classes

Google has announced a new initiative called “Anywhere School.” With this initiative Google is bringing over 50 new features across Meet, Classroom, G Suite. In view of pandemic, Google Classrooms became a life-saving tool for online learning. It has provided a user-friendly solution to students, teachers, and parents to continue the process of learning even in lockdown. When the whole world was at pause, learning did not stop. Now, google has come up with a bunch of updates to Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Google has come up with amazing new updates. Now, teachers will be able to share class links to students. With the help of this joining class will become much easier. Google classroom will have a feature which will allow teachers to track how students are interacting in a virtual environment. It will offer stats to help teachers analyse. As for now, Google Classrooms supports 45 languages. Google is aiming to extend the horizon of learning by adding new Indic Languages to Google Classrooms. It is going to add 10 more languages which will include Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Google will also make Google Classroom mobile apps work more effectively even when there is no Internet access.

The company has also introduced a new product for non-Classroom users which is called Assignments. This new application will give teachers a faster, simpler way to share notes. Teachers will also be able to analyse and grade student work. The company will also design features to give more control to teachers for managing virtual classes. Google will also allow temporary recording to all Education customers for free. Meeting hosts will be able to record a meeting using the feature. And they can also share the same for up to 30 days before it expires.

Google is also bringing a new to-do and to-review widgets. This will help students to see what the next lesson is. They can also find out if they have missed any lessons. With “G Suite Enterprise for Education”, teachers will be able to see matches for potential plagiarism not only against webpages but between student submissions at their school. The company is also bringing attendance tracking for students in a virtual class. And there will be breakout rooms to help educators split classes into simultaneous small group discussions. Furthermore, Google is planning to bring hand-raising and Q&A and polling features.

The video-calling app Google Meet will also have a larger tiled view which can accommodate up to 49 people. It will also bring an integrated Jamboard whiteboard for collaboration. The company would also let participants in Google Meet to blur or replace their backgrounds. Also, admins would still have the option to disable custom backgrounds.

The new features updated by Google in its platforms is going to make its hold stronger in the world of online classes. This will also make learning easier and more interactive. What do you think about “Anywhere School” feature by Google, do Comment below.

Vidhi Banka

Vidhi Banka

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