Google Drive will let you block users to stop potential harassment

With all the positive uses of Google online including learning and entertainment, its negatives like abusers and spam always exist alongside the good. The company acknowledged the problem in 2019 and now are taking some action upon it. After promising a solution, the company has now announced that it is launching a feature that would allow users to block people on Google Drive. To do this, you will just have to right-click on the file and the last option that pops up once you right-click, will be the one which will allow you to block certain users on your Google Drive account.

The company revealed in a blog post, stating that the drive fuels creativity and sharing but bad actors can abuse the system that is designed to share and that is why it is important to place security controls where the user can block the spam accounts that are bothering them. The company has rolled out this feature and revealed that this feature is available for personal account holders and Google workspace subscribers as well.

Google Drive block users

What this new feature enables is protection for your accounts and does it in three ways: First, when you block another user, you will stop receiving any future emails or updates from that particular spam account or a user. Second, blocking them will remove the other person’s ability to view the shared content that you have shared with them earlier. Third, once you block them, it will remove all existing files and folders shared by the user, and this will help in getting rid of all the spam in your drive and inbox.

In the past, there have been problems with sharing on Google Drive as anyone can share files with any user, without requiring their permission. This would, of course, require the sender of the files to know the email address of the receiver. The “Remove” button doesn’t help either, as this only hides the files from the viewing screen, but does not completely delete them and these files can pop up through search results anytime in the future.

After announcing this feature in May, Google has finally taken a step in the right direction and acted upon it. This feature will save a lot of headache for the regular users of Google Drive and make their work much more convenient and easier. 

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