Google comes up with a new Tree Canopy Lab for increasing tree plantation.

Google has come up with a new roll known as Tree Canopy Lab for all the users out there. It will help the cities to have more plants planted now. The lab will consist of aerial imagery to help to track the green cover in your town. The AI incorporated will help to know about the areas where Trees are less planted and suggest planting more. The more the area’s coverage from the trees, the more will be the decreased temperature during summer. So the platform will indicate the location where Trees have to be planted more. Tree Canopy Lab is an application by Google, which is developed to pilot in Los Angeles.

Google’s aim:

As per the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in NASA, the generation of heat, especially in Angeles, is very high. The Canopy Lab will help people and residents in the area where the percentage of tree cover is less than 10%. The neighborhood is also getting affected day by day with the increasing heatwaves. Google develops this new platform to bring a recent change in this extreme condition. The Tree Canopy Lab will consist of aerial imaging to locate the areas with trees. Planes by Google will collect the imagery for Maps and Google earth from all around the world. Starting with Los Angeles, it will display the tree covering areas efficiently.

The data obtained by them will be presented on the interactive map. Also, along with it, other information on population and heat efficiency will be clearly stated. All these data will be used to know the areas affected by high temperature and heat waves and the areas which need more plantation. As per Google, the information will get provided for more cities very soon. The maps will be upgraded real quick. Also, Google is considering any volunteers and city planners who want to contribute to the project with the help of a form by the Company. The tool by Google will be out for more places soon, and more upgrades are on their way. 

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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