Google Chrome will notify you against downloading any destructive extension

There are so many vicious downloads and extensions that users unknowingly end up installing in their daily lives devices. Google has been trying for a long time to protect its users against such downloads in Chrome. Google has achieved its goal related to user safety and has developed a feature that will make it easier for users to identify such pits. 

These revised features are added to the “Enhanced Safe Browsing” which came into action last year. This feature warns the user against harmful downloads and sites. After the new updates being added to the Enhanced Safe Browsing feature, it will now alert the user before they install any risky extension. 

Chrome Protection against malicious downloads and extentions

The Enhanced Safe Browsing feature appeared with the release of Chrome 83 to provide additional user security. By the end of the previous year, the feature came into Android sideways with the launch of Chrome 86. The feature facilitates the user to safely browse.  Google Safe Browser reviews the websites you visit or download and alert you accordingly. It also warns if the passwords saved into Chrome were endangered under data violation. Once found risky it automatically freezes the download of the extension.  

The new feature gives additional safety and provides an option where you can send the hazardous download for scanning. The file will then be sent to the Google Safe Browser. After the analysis, if the file turns out to be risky it will notify you. This is not compulsory to scan an extension but doing so will make it more easygoing. 

This feature is appearing with the updated Chrome 91. These features of Enhanced Safe Browsing when enabled as per Google successfully phishes 35% fewer users than others.

To enable the feature -visit the Chrome settings. *Settings> Privacy and security> Security on PC *Settings> Privacy and Security> Safe browsing on Android.

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