Google Chrome to Warn Users About Insecure Forms to Enter Data

Google always keeps a keen eye out for upgrading its offerings. It always looks out to enhance and elevate user experience. Apart from convenience, a lot of their focus also lies on improving user security as well. After all, the internet is not entirely a safe space. There are sites out there intending to steal data and launch malware and virus attacks on devices of unsuspecting victims. Various websites use such malicious forms that are spread throughout the online web. These forms are disguised as safe and secure ones, more often than not. This helps trap users who remain none the wiser. However, fret not. Google has recently made an announcement for Chrome to solve security concerns related to this issue.

In a recent announcement, they revealed an update for Google Chrome. The update will help prevent users from accidentally giving away private details to unscrupulous and suspicious parties. Google has focused its attempts on improving user security on the Chrome browser as of late. Earlier this year, the tech giant had made announcements for removal of cookies from the browser as well.

Changes in Google Chrome 86

When the Chrome 86 becomes available to users worldwide, the web browser will be able to warn users when they try to fill and submit insecure forms on secure HTTPS pages.

Some of the major changes in this regard that will be introduced in Google Chrome 86’s October rollout are:

  • Chrome will disable the auto fill functionality on mixed forms. Regardless, the password manager feature will still work. Google reasons that the password manager assists users in putting new and different passwords for forms, even the insecure ones. This is much better than the other alternative of users putting in old and existing passwords for insecure forms.
  • A text warning popup will alert users whenever they try to fill up any mixed or insecure form. The popup includes a text in red below the form that states that “this form is not secure. Autofill has been turned off.”
  • For users who ignore the alerts and still fill the form and try to submit the same, Chrome has another measure. It will pop up a warning that alerts users of the potential risks and harm that they may face if they submit it. What’s more is that the alert is a full page one that will surely get the user’s attention.

Statement by Google

Google had even made a statement to give more information about the upcoming update. “Beginning in M86, Chrome will warn users when they try to complete forms on secure (HTTPS) pages that are submitted insecurely. These “mixed forms” (forms on HTTPS sites that do not submit on HTTPS) are a risk to users’ security and privacy. Information submitted on these forms can be visible to eavesdroppers, allowing malicious parties to read or change sensitive form data.”

Google had launched its attack on insecure sites back in 2018. They used to label HTTP sites as an insecure one. But it didn’t provide any information to users who don’t have any clue about it, making it a confusing affair. It now encourages website owners to ensure all content on their site is in HTTPS to protect the site visitors.

Ultimately despite providing all the warnings and alerts, it remains up to the user. If they want to go ahead in visiting unsafe sites and filling forms that may harm their device and all the content stored therein.

Deepanjan Datta

Deepanjan Datta

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