Google Chrome added new built-in screenshot editing tool for Android users

Google Chrome browser is the most used browser on a worldwide note, and the company is always working towards improving it. They are always working to add something new, running tests behind the curtain. And, now the company has recently added a new “built-in screenshot & editor tool” option to Google Chrome browser which will allow users to take & edit screenshots in the browser without leaving it.

This new feature is said to be added on Google Chrome version 91, which was first spotted by 9to5Google (later on they shared this news via a post). New built-in screenshot feature will allow users to capture the address bar as well in the screenshot. New option is located next to the “copy link, send to devices and print” tool present under the share menu.

As we said before, the new screenshot feature is paired up with another new feature, i.e., screenshot editor option. This new feature will help you edit the screenshot you just took, without you having to leave the application or chrome (as it was earlier).

Once you take a screenshot using Google Chrome‘s built-in screenshot tool, three buttons will pop-up on screen, namely:- Crop , Text, and Draw. You can use the “crop” button to cut-out irrelevant parts of the screenshot, & keep only the necessary ones. Using the “draw” button, you can spotlight a particular section of the page you want, or you can add another image to the screenshot.

While you are editing the screenshot, you will be presented with two buttons on screen, allowing you to either redo or undo a step; and lastly you can save or delete the edited screenshot by tapping on “Next”, you will see.

As amazing as this new feature sounds, in order to use it, first you will have to turn it on. Users may have to enable this new feature by visiting “chrome://flags/#chrome-share-screenshot-flag ” and then restart the chrome browser. But before you go on doing this step, it’s important to note that these two new features are available only on Google Chrome 91.

So make sure to check your Google Chrome version, and if it’s not Version 91; well then don’t worry because it is available on Google Play Store.


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