Google brings free VPN access to every 2TB and higher plan subscriber

Virtual Private Network that is VPN is famously used by many worldwide for surfing n number of websites and is available to access via their desktops or smartphones. The platform differs from one another with features like speed and security, where everyone wants to protect their privacy. Google again, one of the most prestigious platforms, comes up with something new for every user out there. Google announces that it will be providing its own VPN services with an encrypted internet connection and give free access to 2TB or higher storage plan storage subscribers.


google free vpn plans

Google before released this connection for Google Fi cellular subscribers for every android user. But now it’s something new that we will find. The Android-based VPN will be absolutely free of cost for every 2TB Google One cloud storage subscriber and is planning to make it available for iOS, Windows, and Mac users soon. However, for now, these features will be available only to the subscribers in the US as per the announcement made by Google. The platform is designed in such a way that users can be assured of security. Indeed it will securely encrypt the device’s online traffic along with wide website viewing options now. The internet usage will be protected. Well, it promises to allow you access to any and every website or the browser that you wish to look at.

Available with 2TB plan and higher plans:

For getting free access to the VPN, as mentioned before, users need to have a 2TB plan subscription. It will cost you around $9.99 every month. Technically it is not free as if you do not have a subscription, you cannot access it for free. Nevertheless, you can add the plan whenever you want it. Also, you can go for any higher other plans and can enjoy its features, which are worth a try. Irrespective of the application or browser you are using, your device and personal data will be secured using this VPN by Google.

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