Gionee Max to launch in India under Rs. 6000, on August 25

There are many companies that have started rolling out budget phones in the Indian market. Company after company is launching phones at a low price and it is really beneficial here in India. No matter how the specifications are, as long as it is affordable, Indians tend to buy it. Companies like Infocus, Coolpad and Gionee, the company we are going to talk about today, has created a large customer just because of their price. Now Gionee to comeback with Gionee Max to Indian market with very effective price.

It was seen that Gionee had stopped launching its new phone and it was assumed that probably this company is eradicated from the company. But Gionee proved the theories wrong and is going to come back with their new budget smartphone. The Gionee Max is going to launch after 1 year of the launch of the last model, Gionee F9 Plus.

Thought the details of these phones have not been officially announced by the company but in the tech world, leaks are a small thing. A e-retailer at Flipkart leaked the launch date, price, and some specifications of this phone.

Flipkart has released a special page just for the Gionee Max. It displays some of the features that the phone is going to provide.


First on the page is the price. Gionee is known for its budget phones under Rs 10,000. This time, the Gionee Max will be prices below Rs 6,000. As the company says, “A superior Budget Phone, Just Under Rs 6,000!”

Right below the price is the launch date. The Gionee Max smartphone would be launched on 25th August at 2PM, exclusively on Flipkart.


The company, Gionee had created a poll about what the users want in their next smartphone. So, based on all the polls, Gionee has released the Max model with features that the users wanted, even better. So, starting with the screen, maximum users asked for a 6-inch display. But, Gionee is going to bring to them a 6.1-inch HD+ screen. Though, based on the picture of the phone, the bezels seem relatively thick. During the time of, All-Screen, Gionee seems to go old-school. Although, with the price that this phone is launching, these kind of set-backs are justified.


Next on the poster is the battery. According to the poll, the users seems to just ask for 4,500mAh. But, Gionee on their mission to “Make Smiles” is giving the users a 5,000mAh battery, calling it “Max Battery”.

This battery is said to give you 28 days of standby time, 24 hours of music and 9+ hours of movie time. Imagine the number of movies you can complete during that time! Not only thins, the company also says about the 48 hours of calling time and 12 hours of gaming time.

The company has teased the storage of this phone saying that maximum users asked for 50% but they have something better. They have “Max” storage. The company did not provide any other specifications but, it seems that day by day the specification list will increase. Till now, only this much is known.

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