Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G Advertisement is leaked out before Samsung event

On 5th of August, most of the people were excited for the Note 20 Ultra that was launched. But, on the other hand, I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Seeing the drawbacks in the first Fold, I thought it would be really interesting to see the new upgrades. But when the company instead of launching it, just teased it, my 2 hours of watching the Galaxy Unpacked event went in vain. Since then, the wait for September 1st seemed a lot! Finally, today, we got our hands on this leaked advertisement that was floating on You Tube.

The leaked advertisement showed the basic features of this phone. They started off with the line, “With Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, you have it all, and you can do it all!” By this, they mean that when folded, this is a simple phone, which surprisingly resembles its brother, Note 20 Ultra. Unlike the last disappointing display that its predecessor featured, this one is a bit more futuristic and competitive. When unfolded, you have a tablet, so you have it all!

Last time, users saw that the screen was easily scratchable. Although the advertisement did not exactly answer to that, they did mention the 7.6-inch Ultrathin Glass that the inner display would feature. Whether that would expel the “scratch problem” is still an issue here.

Now, getting a 120Hz display on a tablet is a bit hard, but, since this is a phone too, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will feature a whopping 120Hz display. So, now, you can play PUBG on your “tablet” without the lag! But, do you think your parents or you yourself would buy a device that cost you around 2 lakhs? No way!

This advertisement also puts light on the new feature that Samsung announced on 5th of August, I.e., Wireless DeX. If you have missed the Unpacked Event, this feature allows you to share your screen without the need of installing 3rd party apps.

There are also other features such as the Adaptive Flex mode, a better multi-tasking and obviously the 5G. But, when the phone would be launched officially on 1st of September, then we will go deep into it! Right now, we just cannot wait for the launch!

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