Galaxy S21 is expected to be among the first devices running Android 12

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Series, Launched in January 2021, is rumored to get the latest Android 12 update. This information was shared by a famous leaker Max Weinbach on Twitter on June 19th. In the tweet, he stated how the smartphone Company Samsung has started their work on integrating Android 12 in their latest Galaxy S21 series.

Initially when Google released the Beta for the Android 12 in May 2021. After that, many popular smartphone companies released a list of devices from their brand that would get the Android 12 immediately apart from Samsung. But because of Max Weinbach, there is some clarity on which Samsung Devices will be the first.

According to him, The Galaxy S21 series that includes the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, & Galaxy S21 Ultra, will be the first Samsung phones to receive the Android 12 update. It is rumored they will roll out the first beta of Android 12 with the UI 4.0 update somewhere in August. There is also a high chance that the Galaxy S21 Series will get the release version of Android 12 around September – October.

The Galaxy S21 series will be one of the first phones to get the Android 12 update. In addition, Samsung promises three years of OS updates for many of their phones, including the S21 series, which implies the S21 series of Samsung will excel at software support and can be one of the best phones that integrate longevity in their software.

Some upgrades of Android 12 that the Galaxy S21 series will be experiencing include A complete overhaul of the User Interface, making it smoother, better looking, and more customizable.

Android 12 also introduces many performance upgrades for Audio feedback, Battery Life, Camera usage, and much more. Other experiences that Android 12 promises include widget Improvements and Audio-coupled Haptic Feedback, which can improve gaming and audio. Another noticeable feature is improving phone call notification ranking, which gives top ranking to incoming and outgoing calls and helps them forward to other devices if necessary.

These updates can be expected to be introduced with the latest Galaxy S21 Series. All eyes are pinned towards Samsung to give more clarity to the consumers and confirm how they are working to incorporate Android 12 into their phones.

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