Fortnite will feature a mystery ‘record-breaking superstar’ during its Rift Tour concert series

Fortnite concerts have been a big thing for the past few years now. And this year, they will be hosting it again soon. However, the star performer for this year’s concert is still a mystery that hasn’t been unraveled. According to the teaser released by Fortnite, the Rift Tour will be taking place from 6th August to 8th August and will host a lot of different events. Fortnite also quoted that this Rift Tour will be a musical journey into new realities and also hinted that they would be collaborating with a ‘record-breaking’ superstar. Fortnite will also be hosting five different shows in five different time zones, so the players don’t miss it. Apart from that, the teaser also hints towards an alien-themed pink-colored fiesta.

On 2nd August, the fans will be getting more information regarding who will be the star performer this year. As fans get more excited, many rumors suggest that Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga might rock the online stage this year. Like last year’s Rift Tour featured an exhilarating show from Travis Scott and Marshmello, this year’s Rift Tour looks pretty exciting with the mystery superstar. The fans are excited for the reveal, which will presumably take place on the 2nd of August. However, for now, Fortnite players have to keep their eyes peeled on more information and leaks.

In addition, the game also released a few in-game events & challenges that players could complete to get some concert freebies. Players can log on to Fortnite from 29th July to 8th August and complete these Rift Tour challenges/quests to get a hold of different digital prizes. Fortnite will be releasing different challenges throughout the duration, where the player has to search for the Rift Tour posters. And upon completion, players will receive a free Rift Tour-themed cosmetic from Fortnite.

Concludingly, the concert is labeled as a tour, so the one mystery superstar just would not be it. There might be other artists accompanying, making the Rift Tour extremely exciting to wait for. There are rumors that Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga both might be hitting the stage during Rift Tour because of the similarity in visual themes of Ariana’s latest music video and the Rift Tour’s theme.

Regardless, the Rift Tour was a big hit last year and left the people who witnessed it in awe. The way Fortnite creatively integrates the game’s environment with the artist’s performance makes the concerts surreal and something to not miss. Hopefully, on Monday, the game releases its long-held secret and shares more exhilarating information about the Rift Tour.

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