Flipkart Quick is going to deliver Over 2000 Products in just 90-Minutes

Flipkart is India’s biggest online store which is based in Bangalore. Today, it has announced the launch of its Flipkart Quick. It will be a 90-minute hyperlocal delivery service. In addition, it will also have the option of booking a 2-hour slot. Along with this, it will offer customers a range of over 2,000 products. It will charge a delivery fee of minimum Rs.29. The service will be available from 6am to midnight.

According to the company, Flipkart Quick will not be limited to the products that the company is already selling in its platform. In addition to the existing products, the company is expanding its product range to new categories like dairy items, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Flipkart Quick will also not rely on a traditional pin-code system model to identify delivery locations in an area. The company claims that it will use an “advanced technology” for location mapping. This will ensure seamless delivery of products without any mismatch or re-attempts.

E-commerce sites collaborating with Local Shops:

At present, the company will be using its own hubs for delivery. It will also extend its partnerships to companies like Ninjacart and Shadowfax . But for the long-run, it is aiming to bring together the network of neighbourhood Kirana stores. It will be based on the idea of picking up goods from neighbourhood stores, warehouses, and delivering it to consumers. In recent times, many investors are looking for such a type of collaboration. Covid 19 has made people aware of the need of the local market.

With the gaining popularity of e-commerce stores, the local market was having a hard time, pre-covid-19. Due to covid-9, e-commerce sites started to have a tough time, which forced them to move to new business models. But if the collaboration between local markets and e-commerce stores works out well, then it can prove an amazingly effective supply chain which will be beneficial for both, in the long-run. This will also boost local entrepreneurship, new business partnerships and will give birth to a lot of new opportunities.

Companies entering market to fulfill Grocery Needs:

So, after Jio Mart we are now going to have another new option for our day to day groceries. Though, at present Jio Mart is limited to groceries but it is also planning to enter electronics, fashion, healthcare, and pharmaceutical retail in the coming months.

With this new service Flipkart will be directly competing with Amazon, BigBasket and Reliance Industry’s JioMart. All these e-commerce platforms offer quick deliveries of groceries. In coming times, it will be quite interesting to see the market share of each one of these. Google-backed Dunzo and Naspers-backed Swiggy, is also offering grocery deliveries in India. It will not be wrong in saying that the companies are pushing hard to survive in this new scenario where their existing products are not making much profit.

Currently, Flipkart Quick has been launched in Bengaluru. But the company expects to launch it in six other cities in next few months.

Vidhi Banka

Vidhi Banka

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