First Look At All-new Weapons And Exotic Armor In Destiny 2 Season Of The Splicer

Destiny 2 season, the season splicer is here, bringing a total onslaught of new loot to chase a recent six-player activity and an exciting new storyline that features the Mithrax, the founder of the house of light. The season kicks off with a foreboding intro, detailing how the city has been sunk into permanent from the vex technology. You will be immediately able to play the first seasonal mission, The lost slicer. You’ll get up to close and personal with Mithrax and his machine commuting abilities. 

Last season featured Cabal for enemies; this season features the Vex and with the Vex brings a new retro synth-wave inspired landscape that first made its way into the game with a prophecy dungeon. Season of the splicer doubles down on the aesthetic with the Vex creating live simulations of encounters which is a fantastic look. The override activity is the new six-man match-made encounter; Bungie has taken gambit’s moat mechanics elements and brought them into a recent wave-based activity. The current one starts in Europa, and as you defeat enemies, you pick up pieces of data that you deposit just like in gambit into the core structure. After you have done enough rounds, you open a portal to a Vex data network that you must reverse and slay Vex inside.

It plays well, and it’s nice having another six-man activity back in the game. Once you have achieved glory in the override mission, you will use the slicer gauntlet to open the conflux chest for sweet loot. The splicer gauntlet is this season for upgrades in targeted loot. To craft a keycode, you need either to complete playlist activities, public events along with the Mithras. You will meet new characters, including the house light server fitted to assist you in upgrading your splicer gauntlet. This is a destiny first, having the eliksni, aka fallen, being welcomed into the last city. If you follow destiny lore, this will feel epic.

As the season passes, you will learn the new exotic weapon offering prosthesis 77k. It’s a sidearm that also has stasis—this the second weapon destiny two officially has a stasis element, and interestingly it’s in the kinetic slot. So, stasis doesn’t appear to be following the element-type norms of arc void solar. When you get a final blow with the sidearm, it superchargers for 10 seconds, allowing you to hold down the trigger for a charged shot. Targets hit by the charged bullet are instantly frozen, but at the cost of the weapon’s entire magazine, it’s a fun gun. 

Speaking of the seasonal content, the new artifact paradrome cube is dropping some attractive perks:

Destiny 2 Paradrome Cube
  • BREACH AND CLEAR: This perk requires a whopping nine energy and synergizes with DPS weapons. When using a grenade launcher, the perk reads damaging a boss, damaging a champion, or breaking a combatant’s shield reloads your stowed weapons and causes the combatant to take increased damage for a short duration.
  • WARMIND’S DECREE: Void splash damage final blows have a chance to create warming cells. This is very interesting because many excellent void damage options would synergize tremendously with warming cells. Finding a lion to name one of them and only costs three energy.
  • ENERGY ACCELERANT: You Dragonfly, Chain Reaction, and Firefly explosions deal more damage. In general, these perks are more powerful because you know bursts, but having more damage dealt is even better.

We have also got some new exotic armor perks to craft the builds around:-

  • FEAST OF THE LIGHT: This perk lets you gain additional super energy from the Orbs of power your pickup. While your incredible energy is full, picking up an orb power overcharges your super, causing you to gain a burst of healing.
  • FIRE WALKER: Solar final blows periodically grant you an escalating bonus to weapon damage. It doesn’t mention requiring a solar subclass, so I am assuming you can use these exotic pants on any subclass.
  • BLESSING OF ORDER: Standing in a healing rift creates Noble Seekers that seek out allies that are not in a rift and heal them. These exotic pants seem to double down on a support role for warlocks depending on how effective the noble seekers are. This could be a fantastic exotic or just once conquering high-level content.

Honestly, this season is packed with loot to chase a nice collection of legendaries, new exotics, vaulted glass loot, and more. There is even a new transmog system with a completely revamped shader system. So you can easily apply a look to your entire guardian. The Destiny 2 season of the splicer is playable right now and has been a fantastic pc game.  

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