Facebook to launch its first-ever Smartwatch in 2022

The social media platform, Facebook is reportedly developing its first ever smartwatch. A number of reports proclaim that Facebook might launch its own first-ever smartphone with two cameras in 2022. 

According to reports, the Facebook Smartwatch will come with two cameras. Basically, one out of the two cameras would be installed at the front for video calling purposes. And, the other camera would be detachable, which will enable users to click pictures & record videos. And on top of that, users would be able to share those pictures on their social media accounts from the smartwatch itself. 

You can expect the smartwatch to come in three colours including, Gold, White & Black. As per reports, Facebook smartwatch is expected to feature a heart-rate monitor, and might feature more health oriented features. 

The smartwatch might come with its own LTE connectivity, which means it would need not connect with a smartphone for network connectivity. And, the company has already started talking & partnering with network carriers in the US.

 Since Facebook has not said anything about its first-ever smartwatch, we don’t know much about its specifications, except it is going to sport two cameras. 

Earlier, Facebook has mentioned that they are working on wrist-based devices, which could be controlled by gestures & read electrical signals from a user’s neurons. Well, this device is supposed to be targeted at developing controllers for ambient computing and augmented reality (AR) technologies. However, if Facebook can work on developing such a device then, a smartwatch might not be a hard task. 

That being, Facebook is expected to launch its first-ever smartwatch by next year, 2022 in summer. And, few reports also suggest that the company has already started working on 2nd & 3rd generation Smartwatch, for succeeding years. Well this means we could expect more than one model of Smartwatch. 

Chetna Singh

Chetna Singh

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