Facebook launches Live Audio Room to compete with Clubhouse

The social audio app Clubhouse was launched back in April 2020 and ever since then, many social platform companies have started to show interest in the live audio room format. One of the main reasons for the success of this live audio room platform is that users are actually appreciative of having a conversation of their interest there. Now Facebook has also arrived with its Live audio Room as a competitor of Clubhouse.

Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms are launched in the US and only US-based public figures and specific groups will be able to host a room on the Facebook app on iOS. However, everyone can join the rooms through both iOS and Android. A major advantage that Facebook live audio room holds over the Clubhouse app is that there is no limit on listeners in the Facebook audio room whereas there is a specific listener limit on Clubhouse. However, a maximum of only 50 people can speak at once in the Facebook audio room.

There are also some other features that are not yet present in the Clubhouse. Users will be notified whenever a friend or a follower joins a room. It also comes with a “live caption” feature which the Clubhouse lacks yet. Also, the user will be able to join in a conversation through a “raise a hand” option and will be able to react to the conversation. Similar to the Clubhouse app, admins in the Facebook live room will also be able to choose who they want to create a room. 

Besides, Facebook will also add podcasts on the platform and users will be able to listen to those podcasts even when the screen is off. The podcasts will appear on the news feed as well as on the creator’s profile page and users will be able to react and comment on those also.

Even if Facebook’s live audio platform has just launched recently, it has all the potential to turn out to be a great rival to the Clubhouse app.

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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