Facebook launches cloud gaming service for all the Android users.

Yesterday Facebook came up with something new that is its free cloud gaming service feature via its platform. Renowned games like Asphalt 9: Legends and WWE SuperCard for all the gamers are available. Players, including those who didn’t download any of them, can play. As per the platform, gamers can access the games in their gaming tab along with its Newsfeed. Thus there is no establishment of any cloud gaming service.

New Facebook cloud gaming service feature is currently only available on Android devices and not in Apple iOS. So Apple users got to wait for some time. As per the platform, the Apple platform style for treating the games with exerting control is wholly different compared to android devices.

Currently, the service provided is not as tremendous as GeForce or Luna. But it is just a basic game streaming service provided by Facebook. Players can quickly get into a list of all the famous high-tech games and no need to download it. The platform is specifically designed to let the players play on the social network and go for the app by just continuing from where they left the game.

Reason for not working with Apple:

The company said they are working on an alternative option for iOS users out there. But sadly, the synching is not available for now. According to some of the developers, Apple’s policies are stringent, and it takes a big bite of revenue. We have witnesses how Fortnite-maker Epic-Games took the company to court. As per Apple, they have efficient developers, and the way their app store works is perfect compared to others.

So, for now, Android users and people who go for web browsers can access the service. The great games available in apps can be played here if you do not want to install the game and increase your storage. The gaming cloud service will indeed stick around for more time, and users will get to enjoy the gaming experience here.

Swetha Sivakumar

Swetha Sivakumar

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