Facebook app update for iPadOS now support Split View

Facebook has finally rolled out update for iPadOS and added multitasking support. After installing new Facebook update, user now can use Facebook with other supported app simultaneously. User can run 2 apps at a time since iPadOS 9 but Facebook App was not supportable for this feature until this new update.

This update version is 269.0 but Facebook did not comment anything on this new feature. Now the app works with Splits Screen and Slide Over.

ipadOS facebook update

This is update which most of user wants because user can now multitasking other apps with Facebook. User can share something on Facebook without leaving app this is great thing done by Facebook.

But now this update still doesn’t support multiple windows, drags and drop and some mouse implementation. There is Slide Over support, which allows user to quickly open Facebook over split full screen application.

You can download this update for your IOS or iPadOS device for free. It will work on IOS 10 or later.

  • Go-to App Store of you iPad
  • Search Facebook
  • Click on Update

Or you can download Facebook Update directly from App Store. What you think about this new update, do comment below your thoughts. CREDIT


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