Everything you need to know about OnePlus’s OxygenOS 11

Finally, OnePlus has unveiled the amazing HydrogenOS 11 today! Wondering what’s HydrogenOS? Well, it’s just like OxygenOS but that’s for China. You can also call it OxygenOS 11 excluding the Google Services. This unwrap has totally amazed people with its promising features like Zen Mode 2.0, always-on display as well as major UI overhaul.

As we know these features will be exactly the same for OxygenOS 11, so let’s walk you through its interesting features:

1. Easy reachability: use it with one hand

The bigger the device, the harder it gets to handle it. This has always been a major problem for large phone users. But this time OnePlus is following the path created by Samsung. OnePlus has interestingly used primary options to the bottom of the screen so that users can handle the device with a single hand. This feature might definitely seem likely-looking but you have to cool your heels till you get OxygenOS 11.

2. Changes in UI and Dark Mode

This is undeniably your concern! Whenever you hear about an update, the first thing you look for is its UI changes. OnePlus has done some magnificent changes in the UI by making it smoother and featherweight.  Now you get a new set of interesting wallpapers, the amazing Helvetica font, new treat to the ears ringtones, and entrancing icons. I’m not done yet, you will also get brand new features and animations in the gallery as well as Stock weather App. All these things definitely sound super thrilling, don’t they?

Now let’s talk about the Dark Mode. It is great to know that the Dark Mode has improved not just for normal users but also for visually impaired. You will get multiple shades of black, pick whichever you feel comfortable with. The best part is, it will be a more comfortable and pleasant experience for visually impaired people as it is now Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0-certified (nothing can be better than this).

3. The brand new Voice Memo feature

This feature is something new on the OnePlus device and pretty useful as well. Basically, all you have to do is record a voice note and it will be transcribed in Chinese that too in real-time (amazing!). And yes, some of you might have already experienced this feature on Pixel devices. Also, it is still not certain whether this feature will be available on OxygenOS 11 or not.

4. Always-On Display

OxygenOS 11 Always On Display
Image of HydrogenOS 11: Source – OnePlus

OnePlus knew how long you have been waiting for this feature! So to fulfill your desire OnePlus has finally developed the long-awaited “Always-on Display” feature. You get plenty of features starting from minimal clock style AODs to digital health AOD. Digital health AOD is really wonderful as you can see the number of times you have locked your phone as well as your usage. This is not the end, you can also choose a photo from your gallery on the Always-on Display. Your picture will be beautifully converted into a high-precision line drawing.

5. Zen Mode 2.0

Do you remember this feature? If not, then let me remind you. Zen Mode was introduced with the OnePlus7 series and everyone was actually impressed with this digital detox feature (much needed nowadays). This feature literally locks you out of your phone so you can concentrate on what’s up with your surroundings. Zen Mode 2.0 has a new multi-meditation feature which will not be limited to just OnePlus phones. You can experience this digital detox even with your friends, family, or colleagues, quite interesting!

So hold your breath and wait for the global release of this amazing update.

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Download HydrogenOS 11 Developer Preview for OnePlus 8 | 8 Pro
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