Epic Games Files Lawsuit Against Apple after removal Fortnite from App Store

Just when everything was silent, a dispute took place between two bodies. They are not any random people or companies; they are our beloved. Some might think one is correct while the others might think the latter is correct. Before you know the real matter, let us brief you through both these companies. The companies are none other than Apple with 1 Billion users worldwide and Fortnite, with 73.8 Million users worldwide. You have heard it right, Apple and Epic Games (Owner of Fortnite) are going against each other and even filed a lawsuit against each other. Before knowing the reason for it, we just want to know whether people would support Apple above Fortnite or vice-versa. Drop down in the comments below!

Beginning Of The War

It all started when Epic Games defied the so-called monopoly of Apple. What happened is that Apple asked Epic Games to make their application paid on Apple Store rather than asking for in-game payments. This meant that Apple would get 30% of all the payments while Epic Games would get 70%. 

Right now, all the transactions that you make on Fortnite is all going to Epic Games. When Epic Games disagreed to the terms set forward by Apple, the company blocked Fortnite from the App Store. This removed everyone’s ability to install and update the game on iOS devices.

Reasons Why Epic Games Did Not Agree To The Terms of Apple

There are two reasons why Epic Games do not want to make their app paid.  

1. High-Price

The first is that Apple is keeping unreasonable prices so that they can accumulate enough fortune by the payments of users to Fortnite. These prices are higher than what Fortnite offers people in their in-games transactions.

2. Losing Control

The second and undefined, or we can say hidden, reason is that Epic Games does not want to lose the 100% control over the payments of the users to Apple. Epic Games being an old gaming company in the market obviously sees the downfall of making the app paid and then losing some of the shares.

Legal Actions

Epic has taken legal actions against Apple for running a monopoly. This is not it; the company has distributed the legal papers online. If you wish to read Epic Games plaintiff, you can refer to this document

#FreeFortnite Campaign

You have heard it right, #FreeFortnite! This is the hashtag or a campaign that Fortnite has started due to this dispute. The company also released a video that you can view on this link. Their reference to 1984 can be called as something “savage” because that was the year Apple released its first product. The company is trying to gather the public to stand with them and against Apple.

This is some spicy matter which will either escalate if Apple retaliates or cool down if Apple accepts the terms. For now, all we can see is that Epic Games would not let it go easily. Further, you might be aware of Apple also not allowing Microsoft xCloud to be released in the App Store. So, if Microsoft is to team up with Epic Games, which they surely can, it would be something hard for Apple. But Apple on the other hand is not just some corner-street shop, it is a brand. So, what actions they take now, would really be something interesting.  

Now, we ask again, Apple or Fortnite?

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