E3 2021: All major announcements from Xbox, Bethesda and many more

Sunday night at the E3 2021 event saw many new game announcements and other important launches like the Microsoft Flight Simulator and the Microsoft Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge which is one of a kind. Many anticipated games like Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, Redfall, Age of Empires IV and Outer Worlds 2 were announced with many other relevant details like their launch date, platform compatibility and their trailers.

Also it is to be noted that these games will be available on Xbox Game Pass apart from Windows PC and Xbox consoles. According to media reports, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost Rs. 699 or $15 per month. So, here we take a look at all the major and interesting announcements that have been made at the E3 2021.

1. Starfield

This time Xbox has made its debut in E3 2021 event by giving a glimpse of Bethesda’s Starfield that will be launched on November 11 in 2022 next year. It will be available on gaming platforms like Windows PC and the Xbox Series S/X. Regarding the game, Bethesda has said that it will deal with the mysteries surrounding humanity and players will be able to create their customized character and they can travel to the stars which makes the game different from many others.

2. Forza Horizon 5

One of the most awaited games in E3 2021 is the Forza Horizon 5 by Microsoft which will be rolled out on November 9 this year but it is to be noted that the premium version of the game would be released on November 5 instead. The theme for Horizon 5 is based in Mexico this time and it is expected that players who find interest in racing games like Need For Speed and earlier versions of Forza Horizon will show enthusiasm for this game as well. As for the platforms that the game would be compatible with, they are Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Windows PC.

3. Halo Infinite

Microsoft has finally given an idea about the launch of Halo Infinite which is expected to be launched later this year. As of the platforms on which the game would be available, they are – Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Windows PC. This sci-fi game will feature a free-to-play multiplayer mode gameplay, the company has revealed.

4. Redfall

Another game that has been anticipated is Arkane’s studio’s Redfall which will be released in the summer of 2022 as per reports. This is a co-op vampire-slaying game in which the players can choose to play as one of the characters among four Redfall characters who are an ex-military sharpshooter, empathetic woman with robot companion, a paranormal investigator and a telekinetic youngster. The character then has to fight against vampires with super-powerful capabilities and it is to be noted that they will also not possess any traditional weaknesses that vampires are deemed to have, making the gameplay more interesting to play.

5. Battlefield 2042

This game will be released on October 22 this year and is developed by EA and DICE. During the E3 2021 event EA and DICE finally revealed the trailer showcasing the gameplay and other few details regarding this game.

6. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Expected to be released on Xbox consoles on July 27 next month, the Microsoft Flight Simulator will come on Xbox Series S/X. This flight simulator had been released a year ago and will now feature on the Xbox console to provide a seamless experience. It will feature details like 37,000 airports, 2 million cities, and 1.5 billion buildings and other landscape details such as the mountain ranges, roads, trees, rivers, animals and traffic.

7. Xbox Mini Fridge

Apart from gaming, Microsoft has unveiled its new hardware which is a mini fridge. Earlier there were rumours on the social media regarding this but now it has been made official by the company that the Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge will be launched later this year. According to the various reports, the mini-fridge is powered by the ‘Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture’ and as claimed by the company it can hold about 10 cans of beverage at a time and is also the ‘most powerful mini-refrigerator in the world’ that has been released till date. The company hasn’t revealed any information regarding the price of this mini-fridge.

8. The Outer Worlds 2

Microsoft has revealed few details regarding the new sci-fi game The Outer Worlds 2 which is also a sequel to the previous game The Outer Worlds. The game will be available on platforms like Xbox Series X and Windows PC. The company has further said that the gameplay will feature a “new star system with a new crew”, as compared to the previous one.

Other notable E3 2021 Announcements

Other prominent and notable games that were announced at the event and are expected to be launched the near future are the Age of Empires IV, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Replaced, Atomic Heart, Contraband, Psychonauts 2, Hades, Sea of Thieves, Twelve Minutes and STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl.

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