Dizo Star 500 and Dizo Star 300 featured phones launched in India: Price and Specifications

Realme’s sub-brand launched two new phones in India on Monday. The two new feature phones launched are named Dizo Star 500 and Dizo Star 300. Both these phones bring incredible new features like the torch, support for Indian languages and the T9 keypad. The Dizo has only 2G connectivity for both of these phones, unfortunately. 

JioPhone, which increased the sales of smartphones in India back in 2018, dropped in sales this year as people preferred the features of loudspeakers and headphone jacks over a 5G phone. For the last quarter of 2020, India saw a 2% increase in shipments of smartphones and companies such as LG and Micromax are in the top five companies that increased the shipments. 

This led to the realisation of Realme and the company decided to follow the market trend and what customers prefer instead of going against it. They launched the phones with no 4G and just 2G support. This means that the phone can work on any sim card apart from Jio as they only work on 4G supporting smartphones.

In terms of the specifications, the Dizo Star 500 supports languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada and more while also additionally supporting Punjabi and Bengali. Both phones support english as they both also support bluetooth connectivity, FM Radio, music player, 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro usb as well. It has a 2.8 inch non-touchscreen display, a rectangular design with 32MB of RAM and 32MB of internal storage which can be expanded to 64GB with the help of a microSD card. It has a 1900mAh battery. The Dizo Star 300 boasts a 2550mAh battery with an 1.77 inch non-touch colour display and both phones feature a 0.3MP camera at the rear. 

The company is yet to make an announcement on the launch date of the smartphones but both of the devices will go live on Flipkart on its release. The Dizo Star 500 is expected to be priced at Rs. 1,800 and the Dizo Star 300 at Rs. 1,300.

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