Did you see the Easter Eggs on your Apple Store?

You don’t have to be a gamer to encounter amazing digital Easter eggs; tech giants like Google have been providing you such experiences by hiding digital Easter eggs in its various websites, apps, and services. Now guess what? Apple is also expected to be competing with masters of hiding digital Easter Eggs. Want to know how? Well, recently netizens have found a new Easter Eggs in the Apple Store of iOS and iPadOS.

Concealing secret messages or giving digital prompts is not what Apple does usually, but this time it is something different, something special! Yes, your eyes are reading it absolutely right. By something special, we mean Apple Store’s 10 year anniversary. Who doesn’t like anniversaries? We all expect something really special on such days along with spreading happiness among others. This is exactly what Apple is trying to do. Apple hid a really cool Easter egg in the app itself just to tickle your fancy.

June 15, 2010, was the day when Apple finally launched the Apple Store and now this amazing app has completed 10 years (definitely a great long journey). This is simply Apple’s effort to celebrate these amazing 10 happy years. Now you must be eager to know what exactly you are going to see. Basically Apple has put these amazing balloons in your App Store app which are specially made in the shape of 1 and 0 to represent the 10 years happiness. All you need to do is to type “10 years” on your app store search bar.

I am sure you must have seen these cute balloons before. Yes, these balloons are quite similar to the balloons of the iMessage screen effects (I know how these screen effects excite you folks). These balloons are way too interesting than the iMessage ones. These are made to be interactive, you can grab them and move them around the screen (just try it out you are going to love it).

If you don’t know how to bring up these balloons, we are here to guide:

Easter Eggs Apple Store
  1. Pick up your Apple iPhone or iPad and launch the Apple Store.
  2. Look at your bottom menu bar and tap on the magnifier icon to open the search page.
  3. Now, just type 10 years in this search box and wait for the magic.

After completing the phrase, you will see two little cute balloons in blue color. These amazing balloons will appear right from the bottom of your screen and will float up leaving you to astound. Want to play with them? Just grab them and move them around the screen. This is not it, if you tap on these balloons, they will beautifully expand and then pop.

Easter Eggs is a cute gesture by Apple Store to include everyone in their celebration. Apple surprises you every year with its amazing inventions, so celebrating their happiness is totally worth it.

Waiting for what? Go try out these amusing Easter eggs before they disappear.

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

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