Creators of Instagram Reels may soon be able to monetize their content.

Facebook owned social networking site Instagram is planning to bring a new scheme to promote the Instagram Reels feature. According to various reports, the scheme will have the criteria of granting bonus payment to a selected number of creators whose Reels have a massive viewership and popularity on the platform. Creators of Instagram Reels may be able to monetize their content to earn money.

As per leaks, a new option will likely be added in the app – “earn bonuses from Instagram” which would enable the users to take benefit of the new bonus program. This new scheme will promote a new competitive environment among the content creators and will increase the popularity of Instagram Reels.

That being said, Instagram is definitely trying to compete with other platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat who are gaining popularity with their short format video features like YouTube Shorts and Snap feature. Snap is even providing users an award of $1 million for the most popular and entertaining Snap or clip. With such rival platforms, Instagram is trying to bring users’ attention to its newly introduced Reels feature by giving them a bonus for popular content.

It is to be noted that recently Instagram had also introduced insights for Reels and IG Live which evaluates performance of content creators by providing them with essential data about the reach of their content. Earlier, the platform had also provided users with public accounts the feature of Explore space which enables them to share their Reels with all other Instagram users for greater reach and viewership.

According to the screenshots shared by iOS developer Alessandro Paluzzi, it seems that he has discovered the feature of bonus payment that Instagram is planning to roll out in the near future while going through some back-end codes. Further details provided suggest that when Reels creators reach a ‘bonus threshold’, they will be able to claim bonus reward on the app. Though, the company hasn’t spoken about the new rumoured bonus program and it is speculated that they will reveal details at the time of the launch itself.

Kanchan Choudhary
Tech Aedgar
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