Clubhouse will soon make it possible for users to link their Instagram and Twitter accounts

Club House launched back in March 2020, but the social media app gained a lot of its popularity in 2021. The youths are enjoying having a new platform for socialising. But the one thing that a lot of users are disappointed with is its invite-only system. To keep its users happy and gain more and more popularity, Clubhouse will soon be resolving this problem. After the new beta version of the Clubhouse app, users will be able to link their Instagram and Twitter account with the Clubhouse profile.

According to Mashable, a multi-media platform news company, the app will be updated, making it easy to follow speakers and finding and joining future Clubhouse events. Moreover, developers also announced that there will be a general release of the app around this summer. Users won’t need to have an invitation to join the Clubhouse platform.

Recently, the app launched its android beta version and according to the patch notes available with it, users will be able to choose if they want to link their Instagram or Twitter account to Clubhouse. It will eventually help others to know you better and follow you on these other platforms.

There will also be a follow button in rooms for the Clubhouse Android version. If a user is in a room and likes a certain orator or discussion ongoing there, he/she can follow the person or clubs literally from his/her room.

The patch notes further stated, “Just go to the Club page, and you’ll see all its upcoming events and be able to scroll through them if there’s more than one.” It means that users now can have simpler entry to more future events hosted by a specific club. Also, there will be a bell icon, pressing which will enable the user to get notifications of future events.

The Clubhouse app has become a big craze among people nowadays. With its incredibly increasing user count, it is the company’s responsibility to make sure that its users are happy and enjoying. And in that case, there will be no surprise if we see more updates in the app for user convenience in the future.


Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh


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