Clubhouse to release its Android app globally and in India in the upcoming days

The Clubhouse has arrived at Android almost a year late, and that might be the downfall of this talk-focused social network aiming to start in-depth and exciting conversations. The biggest problem is if those conversations are even worth having at this point in 2021 with rivals. Many reports came out a few days ago regarding the global launch of its Android application.

Previously, the Android version of this app was released only in the US. On Sunday, i.e., 16th May 2021 announced that it would launch its application for Android worldwide in the upcoming weeks. They also stated they were working to verify the feature equivalence of Android with its iOS. They also announced the beta version of its Android application in some selected markets. According to some reports, Clubhouse might release the Android app in Japan, Russia, and Brazil on Tuesday. The nations like India and Nigeria will get the Android version three days later, i.e., Friday, after three days of the global launch.

Initially, it was launched in the Apple store for iOS. After its launch, it became popular rapidly by attracting many high-profile celebrities, politicians, investors, and entrepreneurs. The Clubhouse Android version presently needs several features as compared to the iOS version. After it was launched in the last week in the US, the users could not follow a topic, create or manage a club, link their social profiles, make payments, or rename their user name. The startup stated it is working very hard day and night to bring features to the Android app similar to iOS.

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