Clubhouse is working on improving the policies and accessibility features, says it will acknowledge the IT rules

Clubhouse the leading social audio app which showed up on Android devices after being only in IOS for a year. The app came out a couple of weeks ago and has amassed a large number of users. The audio app attracted nearly 2 million Android users across the entire world.  

On Thursday the company assembled for the first virtual press conference meeting. The co-founders and other members of the team disclosed new rules related to the Clubhouse App. They talked over the new policy, features and adherence to Indian IT rules. 

As per the conversation between the co-founders Rohan Seth and Paul Davison during the meeting, it appeared that they are planning to make the app more genuine. Davison said that the Clubhouse app unlike other social media platforms will be authentic. It will solely work to connect people and will be far beyond likes and follows. 

When questioned about user safety and moderation Davison explained the working of the specialists. He said a crew is assigned for the same and the user upswing demands more members who have command over many languages to deal with the situation promptly.  

The co-founder also said that the pre-existing policies will change over time. Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Terms of Services are guaranteed to evolve and be more legitimate.

They also said that the firm is yet to reach several heights and is small when it comes to the team. Davison answering the question regarding the new Information Technology Rules 2021 said the company will give its best to go along with the rules.

The rules by the government for the social platforms are still vague but they ensure that they will follow the laws. It has only been a year since when the company started the journey and is trying to get everything aligned with the rules.


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