Closed alpha testing for PUBG New State went live in the US

Krafton, the developer of the game PUBG, are reportedly working on a new game called PUBG: New State and it is out now only in certain regions for the weekend. The company released a trailer earlier in the year revealing that the game would be set in 2051. It was announced later that the game will not be coming to India as the company is focusing on launching Battlegrounds Mobile in India. 

The company said that the first closed PUBG New State alpha testing will begin in the US first, where interested users can get early access by downloading the closed beta version. At this point in time, the testing is only for android users in the US and iOS users might have to wait for some more time before they can unravel testing for them. As stated earlier, set in 2051, the game’s theme is “Anarchy rules as numerous factions battle against each other.”

A report by Android police showed that the game is very similar to PUBG mobile in terms of Menu design, main menu of the game and graphical settings. It also noted that the vehicles and skins of the game are also very similar, if not same. A reddit user revealed that the testing version of the game is 1.11GB in size.

In terms of the new features that the game will include: in-game customisation feature which will allow the players to customise kits and weapons that can be collected in the game. It will also include modern weapons and drones that can be used during combat against opponents in the game. Some other features include performance enhancement, grenade launcher attachments and fire mode selection. 

As of today, there have been no plans of bringing this game into India and there has been no official communication by the company on that front. This new alpha testing announcement comes parallel to Krafton gearing up for their IPO launch in the near future.

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