Chrome for Windows now facilitates “Incognito Mode” Desktop Shortcut

Google has always been making your life plain sailing with its enticing innovations and now it has turned up with yet another fringe benefit for you. Now you can enter the Incognito Mode on Chrome right from your Desktop through the shortcut. This effortless feature for Chrome has not been made available officially but you can find it in the Canary version of the browser, also, it was spotted in the form of a Chrome flag earlier this week.

The struggle of launching the browser and then opening the incognito mode from the menu has easily been driven out by creating this amazing incognito shortcut on your desktop. Well, there is no denying the fact that we fancy incognito mode a little more because obviously the browser won’t remember the surf history or cookies. Also, your sessions won’t be tracked when you close them.

As reported by Techdows, the shortcut feature is not available on the stable build, in fact, it is hidden behind a Chrome flag in the Canary build. You cannot make a desktop shortcut for incognito mode until you update to Canary build #86.0.4233.0. Currently hidden, Chrome has disabled the flag but you can access it by going to Chrome: //flags.

Now, learn how to create “Incognito Mode” Desktop Shortcut for Chrome:

  • 1. The very first thing you have to do is to head up to Chrome Canary and navigate to chrome://flags. This will enable the shortcut feature (as stated above).
  • 2. Now, at the top, search for “Incognito”. Here you will see the “Enable Incognito Desktop Shortcut” flag right under the available section.
Chrome Incognito Mode Shortcut on Desktop
  • 3. You will find a drop-down menu right next to the “Enable Incognito Desktop Shortcut” flag. Now, choose “Enabled” and then restart the browser.
  • 4. Navigate to the three-dot menu at the top right and open a “New incognito window”.
  • 5. Next to the address bar, you will see an “Incognito” icon, you need to click on it. After the click, you will see a new “Create Shortcut” icon. Click this icon and check if the Chrome shortcut has appeared on your desktop.
Chrome Incognito Mode Shortcut on Windows

I know you will be a bit confused after seeing this new Incognito Shortcut quite similar to the normal Chrome shortcut. Well, we can say this is happening because of the development process still going. And if you take my opinion, this new Incognito shortcut should be grey in color just like the theme of Incognito Mode, don’t you think?

Wait, we have praised this feature enough, but I bet some people must be wondering what the benefit of having this shortcut is? Well, I have to agree with you. This feature seems a little unnecessary as some people would rather right-click and launch the Incognito Mode than messing up their taskbar with undifferentiated icons. Anyway, I just stated the views of half of you guys, the other half might love this feature (you never know).

As of now, you can find Incognito mode shortcut feature in Chrome Canary but it will be available to the stable Chrome in a short time.

Jasmeen Kaur

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