Casio G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H1000 Sports Watch With Heart-Rate Sensor, Launched in India

Casio’s G-Shock watches are popular with mountaineers, firemen, paramedics as well as people working in the offshore. The company has launched G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H1000 watch, in India.

The new Smartwatch has a circular dial. It has bezel design and multiple buttons on the sides. The G-Shock range is known for its rugged exterior. It has an HD memory-in-pixel LCD display with high-contrast. It comes with a high-brightness LED. Also, the LED automatically lights up in the dark. The watch has a fine resin curved back cover considering the back of the hand. This also makes it fit for training sessions.

This G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H1000 watch will come with Five Sensors:

  • Optical Sensor which will measures heart rate at wrist. It also detects the blood flow under the skin.
  • Accelerometer detects body movements, counts step and distance travelled.
  • Magnetic Sensor, Pressure Sensor and Thermo Sensor are built-in miniature sensor. They take measurements of compass bearing, altitude, and also barometric pressure.

It also offers VO2 max measurement. This feature uses heart rate and also running speed to calculate the maximum consumable oxygen uptake per kilogram of body weight in one minute. The watch will also have sleep tracker and thermometer.

There is a built-in GPS functionality. It acquires data of current location from GPS satellite. It also has a shock-resistant structure that protects module. Also, its rugged shape prevents direct shock to glass and buttons.

The device has a vibration notification function. This function allows users to get alerts regarding Bluetooth-connected smartphone calls, emails, and messages. It offers solar-powered charging for daily use and USB charging. The company states that the watch takes 2.5 hours for charging. This can allow the watch to last for up to 14 hours. In addition, the watch uses a waterproof charging terminal that delivers 20-bar water resistance.

Color Options:

  • Black Band
  • White Band

The watch comes with Soft Urethane Band which fits easily. Also, it provides improved ventilation with plenty of band holes, and allows fine length adjustments.

The G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H1000 costs Rs. 39,995 (Check) in India. The smartwatch is a part of the Amazon Prime Day. Also, it is already available for purchase from the Casio India Shop website.

Sale Offers:

  1. 10 percent instant discount, maximum Rs. 1,500, for Prime members on HDFC Bank credit card. And debit or credit card EMI transactions as well.
  2. No-cost EMI options are also available on select cards.
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