Bugatti introduced three new smartwatches in collaboration with VIITA

Bugatti, the world’s biggest automobile manufacturer has now announced that it would collaborate with the Finest Austrian watch manufacturing company, VIITA to make new smartwatches. They both in partnership would make the wearable in which Bugatti would completely pay VIITA for all the things that are required in the production of these watches.

The smartwatch would come in three editions i.e, Ceramique Edition One Pur Sport, Bugatti céramique Edition One Le Noire, and the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Divo. These are the three models of smartwatches that they have announced for production. Being the finest sports car company, Bugatti is expected to show its wonders in the lineup of smartwatches also. Bugatti has mainly planned this because it also wants to make a try in the case of smartwatches to check the success rate.

Talking about the specifications and features, these three wearables would have round frames. The watches would have a touchscreen AMOLED display and their resolution would be something about 390 X 390 which is quite impressive. The display is scratch-proof and would withstand accidental scratches very well. We can be benefitted from multiple modes which are present within these smartwatches. This has a step counter, a Sleep tracker for tracking your hours of sleep, a sensor for measuring VO2 max and many more. Rather than this, the wearables offer a 10 ATM water resistance which would be favourable for swimmers.

These wearables also have their own designed GPS connectivity too which would be quite useful while jogging and running to count the number of laps. The watches are packed with a 445mAh battery which keeps them alive for up to 14 days. We can record all our daily activities with these smartwatches which can be viewed on the Bugatti Dashboard application which is available both in Playstore and Apple’s App Store.

Talking of the price, all the three wearables would cost 899 euros which is something around 79,999 to 80,000 INR. From the Indian point of view, these smartwatches are quite expensive but as it is a limited edition watch the price tag is justified. These watches are only available for a limited time and can be booked on the Kickstarter site till 26 June. 

This seems to be a great step taken by Bugatti by teaming up with VIITA, which can be marked as a new milestone for Bugatti manufacturers. We expect the same quality as shown by its cars. Till now this is all that we have with us regarding the Bugatti SmartWatches. For more Tech Updates and Tech news, follow Tech Aedgar on Google news, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.   

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