Brave launches anti-tracking search engine: Now available in Beta

Considering how tech companies have constant access to your data, this is some news that will delight people who really worry/care about their privacy online. Brave, a privacy-prioritizing web browser, has recently rolled out its public beta version, an anti-tracking search engine. They announced its search engine somewhere in March 2021 as they integrated the Cliqz search engine, an anti-tracking search engine.

The company is also working towards replacing search engines that hold a lot of market share, promoting privacy, and catering to people who are worried/care about their privacy and how their data is used. Brave is working similarly to DuckDuckGo, which is another search engine that is privacy-based.

Brave promises anonymity to the users, as they do not track or collect the IP address of the users to improve search results, and it also blocks out unnecessary cookies, advertisements, trackers through a feature that they call ‘Shields’ in their browser.

What are the Advantages of using Brave search over conventional Browsers?

Brave gives you control over blocking trackers, as they are blocked by default. However, many advertising firms try to track your data and try to identify you and know you better as you keep searching. The Brave browser blocks all of this, which gives you your privacy back and boosts your browser performance. Even their benchmark tests state that the Brave browser is six times faster in loading a webpage compared to conventional web browsers like Chrome, Safari & Firefox. This is all because it cuts down on data tracking and additional images.

Migrating to the Brave browser is more straightforward, as it provides the same functions as Chrome. An example being the chrome extensions. You can still add chrome extensions on the Brave browser and not rely on some knock-off extension tool. Apart from that, it has many more technical capabilities in the back-end to promote one’s privacy when browsing.

The Brave browser combines smoother browsing and a privacy-promoting experience. It does not hog on a device’s memory and loads web pages faster while maintaining your anonymity and protecting you from user-tracking software and data theft.

Later this year, the Brave search engine will become the primary search engine in the Brave browser.

Even if you do not prefer using the Brave browser, you can still use its anti-tracking search engine on different conventional browsers like Safari & Google Chrome. The browser is built on an entirely independent index and does not track users, clicks, and searches. It is available for download on their website. Concludingly, on paper Brave Search, is much more privacy-based and keeps ads away to protect your identity, and carries many more advantages with it.


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